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Modern vehicles require specific servicing criteria, this is laid out by the Individual Manufactures, we always service to these standards and only charge for parts recommended, specific oil quality for each vehicle is always used, this is to ensure the life of components such as turbo chargers, catalytic converters and Diesel particulate filters, these units are very expensive to renew and are commonly damaged by cheap oil and poor servicing.

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Does your car needs an oil change?

An oil change involves draining old engine oil, changing it with clean, fresh oil, and installing a new engine oil filter. Regular oil changes should be a part of your maintenance routine. It ensures the proper performance of your car’s engine and extends the life of your car.

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Here at Autoway we offer class 4 MOT. We will conduct MOTs on all makes and models of cars…


We offer three types of service: Minor (25 items), Full (40 Items) and Major (60 Items).

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